CHOCOLATE and CHOCOLATE franchising business was founded in the 2009

bringing to the market the unique and pioneer

chocolate wheels (patent pending register) system

and a new product: the Chocolate Fondue on the Go

a high-end luxury product aimed to conquer

the mass market.


This innovative system of chocolate spinning wheels made it simple for chocolate fondue to be served at high volumes and easily chocolate dipped fruits consumed in public places.


Chocolate and Chocolate paired its unique equipment with a franchising international system developed specifically for the retail kiosk business and Café corner lounges. We inspired ourselves in the unique Swiss tradition of fondue recipes mixed with the unmatchable chocolate quality making of our certified suppliers.


The CHOCOLATE and CHOCOLATE team professionals bring with them the experience of more than 15 years in the Food and Franchising business Industry


A solid franchise opportunity, low cost franchise business created and focused in giving to the world the flavor of high quality melted chocolate, blended with the freshest fruits healthy food is the name of the game nowadays considered the fastest growing food segment in the international markets.


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